Tactical Krav Maga or TKM is a hybrid fighting system that combines Kick boxing, Silat, Jujitsu, Knife, Stick and Gun fighting techniques that has been taught to Indonesia's elite police units.

TKM is a hard style of Krav Maga which uses full contact drills using head gear, MMA gloves, rubber weapons and test students how to react against various armed, unarmed & multiple attackers. 

This class is for anyone looking for short Krav Maga training and learn self defense techniques Tactical Krav Maga style!

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SELF DEFENSE INDONESIA (SDI) was established in 2007, to provide practical self defense training in Indonesia for everyone to empower individuals with practical self defense skills.


SDI specializes in delivering short course self defense training created for the everyday person with very limited time, and commitment for self defense training due to today's busy schedule.

The programs do not instantly make a student a blackbelt in one day but more importantly, our training provides the knowledge and tools for anyone to be able to recognize danger signs of crime, violence and survive them with whatever means necessary. 

Since 2007 our list of clients have included numerous International & Local Companies and over 3,000 students across Indonesia and around the world who have come to SDI for practical self defense training & workshops.

Whether you are looking to learn self defense skills or try something new for the weekend SDI's your choice for a good short & practical self defense program!


SDI's self defense program is a uniquely customized program designed for the average person looking for practical self defense skills.


The program is offered in two options:

- Private 

- Group class

Group classes are available by schedule every twice a month at Syena Martial Arts Center located at Jalan Barito 2 No 17, South Jakarta.

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Our main training facility is co-shared with Syena Martial Arts Center (MAC), located at Jalan Barito 2 No 17, South Jakarta.

In addition to hosting SDI's program, Syena MAC provides spacious training areas for Boxing, Muay Thai and Kapap. 

Boxing & Muay Thai classes are available everyday from 7 am - 9 pm. Regular Kapap classes are every Saturday 12 noon.


For class booking (Boxing, Muaythai) at Syena Martial Arts please contact Faustine at:

+62811 9999 79 

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