S.A.F.E Program


Our short course self defense training program is called S.A.F.E which stands for Security Awareness & Street Defense and is one of Syena Martial Arts & SDI Tactical's best known short program designed for anyone who wants to learn self defense skills in a short amount of time. 

The program was inspired by special police & military hand-to-hand combat training program delivered to their elite members who required an effective system that could be picked up quickly, and required no previous martial art background or proficiency.

The S.A.F.E system is designed to be simple enough that does not require hours of committed training to learn. Students will learn crime & violence prevention tactics and self defense techniques against the most common attack when no other option is available but to fight for their lives. 



SDI also provides Women's Self Defense that can be tailored for different audiences from everyday soccer moms to corporate staff.


The workshops are based from the S.A.F.E syllabus but tailored to the specific audience and focus on crime prevention and crime survival. 

Contact us via our contact form on the top page to book a specialized workshop for you!


S.A.F.E Program Schedule


Private classes and groups class requests are available on Saturday & Sunday's from 8 am by appointment.

Contact us to via our contact form on the top page to book your S.A.F.E program 

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